AMD’s latest VEGA GPUs now tout the best mining hash-rates for Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Ether still trades above $300. Mining crypto money is still profitable especially if you use solar or wind power source.

Due to the influx of cheap China-made solar panels, cryptocurrency mining has long-term growth potential.

Sales of discrete GPUs should remain strong for many more months to come. There will be more operators of Cryptocurrency-Mining-as-a-Service platforms.

More datacenter operators will eventually compete against cloud mining service providers like Genesis Mining.

HotHardware has recently revised their list of best Ethereum mining GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). The Radeon Vega 56 and Vega 64 video cards from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are now the top-rated GPUs for mining Ether. This is based on hash-rate using TrueBitBlox. Radeon Vega GPUs are scarce right now. Ether miners probably bought most of them.

The GPU-only Ether cryptocurrency still trades above $300. This is in spite of China and other countries banning Initial Coin Offerings [ICO]. Government people are probably worried that cryptocurrency will reduce their control over people’s wealth. Unless they criminalize it, governments cannot stop people from mining/trading crypto money. Meanwhile, AMD can continue to benefit from this cryptocurrency mining industry.


(Source: HotHardware)

AMD’s Radeon GPU business, therefore, still has a strong tailwind from the $150 billion global industry of cryptocurrency mining. We previously explained that AMD gained market share in discrete GPUs in Q2 because of cryptocurrency miners. Jon Peddie Research hasn’t released its GPU shipments data for Q3. However, my fearless forecast now is that AMD again gained market share in Q3. It might also happen this Q4. Nvidia (NVDA) has not yet released Volta-based consumer GPUs that can counter Radeon Vega products.